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What do I do if one of my directory paths is too long?

If your website has a directory path that is greater than 102 levels deep, it will not be backed up. A common cause of having such a long directory path is a recursive symbolic link . A symbolic link is essentially a link to another folder in your file structure ( A recursive symbolic link means that the symbolic link is pointing to itself at one point, leading to an extremely deep path.

In order to fix this so that your website can be successfully be backed up, there are several options. If your website failed to backup, the problem directory should have been sent to you through your secure mailbox. The first is to delete the problem directory from your website's file structure. The other option is to filter the problem directory from your backup so that it is not included. If you choose to do this, please contact CodeGuard Support so that the support team can apply the filter and help get your website backed up correctly.