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How do I backup my Rackspace Cloud Sites website?

In this article we will show you how to backup your Rackspace Cloud Sites website.

In order to backup your Rackspace Cloud Sites website, we will need several pieces of information

Step 1: Get Website URL

To get our website URL, we will first need to login to our Rackspace Cloud Sites admin panel. Navigate to this url: and login.


Once you are successfully logged in, click 'Hosting' on the left side and then choose 'Cloud Sites'.


You might have several websites under your Cloud Sites tab. Write down the URL that you wish to backup with CodeGuard. Now we need to get the FTP credentials. Click the website url to go to the next page.


Step 2: Get FTP Server Credentials

Upon clicking on your website's URL, you will see this screen. Scroll down to get to the FTP server credentials.


Here we can see the rest of the credentials that we need. Take a note of the FTP server. Write both of these down as you will have to use the '' if the '' FTP server does not work. Your FTP username and password are on this page as well. If you do not know the password, you can change it with the provided link to the right. Now that we have all of the credentials that we need, we can add our site in the CodeGuard Application.


Step 3: Activate Website in CodeGuard

Navigate to to login to your CodeGuard account. Once you have successfully logged in, click 'Add Website'.


You will be taken to the connect page. Here you will need to enter the credentials that you previously found. Note that I used the second FTP Server Name to be safe. Be sure to select 'FTP'. Click 'Test Website Connection' once you have entered your credentials.


If your connection is unsuccessful, try the other FTP Server Name that was previously found. If it is successful, you will see the message below. Choose 'Connect Your Website'.


Now we can choose which files we want to backup. Since Rackspace Cloud Sites includes multiple site directories on your FTP account, be sure to choose the directory that corresponds to your URL that you are backing up. You can also click the arrow next to the directory and choose which files you want to back up specifically in your website.


Say for example we wanted to backup the 'content' directory under our site. We would click on the arrow next to the name, click the arrow next to the 'web' directory, then choose the 'content' directory. Once you are satisfied with your file choices. Click 'Capture Code'.


Upon a successful capture, you will see the progress of your website being activated. CodeGuard will also send you an email once the activation process has completed.


Now your Rackspace Cloud Sites website has been backed up with CodeGuard. If you run into any issues during the activation process, please email and a member of our support team will help you get your backup working successfully.