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CodeGuard failed to connect to my database - what should I do?

If you received a notification that CodeGuard could not connect to your database, there are several root causes:
1. Database server maintenance prevented connection
2. Database user on HostGator cPanel account deleted
3. Database user password changed
4. Database deleted on HostGator server
5. HostGator database server does not have CodeGuard database server IPs whitelisted

HostGator servers work with CodeGuard servers by communicating and sharing credentials so that CodeGuard can connect and perform backups. For the MySQL databases, mysqldump commands are executed remotely, after the CodeGuard servers' IP addresses are whitelisted by HostGator.

How to resolve

#1. To determine If the database server was undergoing routine maintenance, contacting HostGator support can provide insight.

#2 & #3. For cases #2 and #3 above, requesting a "CodeGuard Resource Sync" should resolve the issue. Simply contact HostGator support and ask them to perform this action for you.  The CodeGuard Resource Sync creates the database users and passwords so that CodeGuard can access the server. 

#4. If the database itself was removed from HostGator, you will need to contact HostGator support and ask them to update the CodeGuard Blacklist file, stored at .codeguard/blacklist. This tells CodeGuard not to backup a website or database. After updating the file, a CodeGuard Resource Sync will need to be performed in order to notify the CodeGuard service of the updated blacklist. In the case of a deleted database, this file will need to be updated.

#5. If the CodeGuard IPs are not whitelisted, they will need to be added to the approved list within cPanel's 'Remote MySQL' access. These are the IPs:,,,,

If the database was added on or before January 1, 2014, you will also need to whitelist the following iPs:,