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I need help with my CodeGuard account - what do I do?

Help for HostGator Customers

If you need immediate assistance with your CodeGuard account due to a restore, or issue with your backup, contact CodeGuard Support directly:
  1. Call CodeGuard Support (9AM - 5PM EST) at 1.866.604.6431
  2. Live chat on our website
  3. Create a support ticket via

If there is an issue with your billing or account setup, that can be solved by HostGator Support. You have three options to receive support for your needs:
  1. Call HostGator at 1.866.964.2867. System administrators & knowledgeable professionals are available 24x7 to answer your questions and assist you.
  2. Live chat with HostGator - and their staff can assist you.
  3. Create a support ticket with HostGator support -