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How To Whitelist CodeGuard In Your HostGator Dedicated/VPS WHM

First, login to your WHM as the root user

When you log in, search for 'HG Firewall Administration' and you should be able to select the 'HG Firewall Administration' 

Once opened it should look like this:

Then follow the instructions below:

  1. Type in one of our IP addresses at a time
  2. Click 'Add IP'

Once this is completed, the backups on your server should run just fine. If that doesn't work you can also whitelist our IP addresses in the cPHulk interface.

Search for cPHulk Brute Force Protection, similar to the first step:

When you see the this screen, select "White/black List Management":

Then, you should be able to add our 5 IP addresses listed below to the White List or trusted IP List:

If that has been done on both whitelists your backups should run fine. If you have any issues, contact CodeGuard Support.