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My account is over quota! What are my options?

If your account goes over quota the easiest way to go under a quota limit again is to upgrade and increase your storage space limit. This option allows you keep all of your data in CodeGuard as-is, without having to delete anything. In addition to more storage space, our plans offer a number of additional features which you may find helpful as your CodeGuard account grows:

However, if you would like to reduce your storage usage without upgrading you could also try deleting old backups from your account to try to save space. Go to your Account Settings page and edit your Backup Retention Settings to do so.

Additionally, you could try deleting a website from CodeGuard and re-add it selecting fewer files and folders to reduce its size. We recommend excluding folders with large amounts of images or videos, as they tend to be very large files. You could also try deleting old websites and databases from your CodeGuard account that you would no longer like backed up. Or if this is not an option, you can contact to exclude the files or directories that you do not need or are too big.

All of these actions could put you back under your quota limit. We recommend taking action sooner rather than later! If an account remains over quota for an extended period of time, backups will be turned off for all websites and databases in the account until one of the above actions is taken.

Take a look at this video tutorial for a walkthrough of all the website settings which is where you will need to go to make most of these changes.